Тихолаз Е.А.

педагог дополнительного образования


(английский язык)

Подборка упражнений к грамматическому материалу «Страдательный залог в английском языке»


Ниже даны упражнения с разнообразными заданиями и разной степенью сложности.

Постройте предложения с двумя страдательными конструкциями- производными от предложений в Активном залоге.
Build up sentences in Passive voice (2 of each

  1. My brother has promised to help me with the car.→
  2. I sent him a letter.
  3. The police officer showed us the way.→
  4. Our neighbour gave me a lift.→
  5. We paid for the breakfast in the hotel.→
  6. She told me a lie.→
  7. We will show you a couple of pictures.→
  8. Rachel will give you some advice.
  9. Somebody promised the boy a bike.→
  10. They did not offer her a seat.

Переведите на английский язык при помощи различных страдательных конструкций:
Translate into English. Use Passive voice only.

  1. Вчера нам обещали комнату в лучшем отеле.
  2. Моему сыну только что сказали написать сочинение.
  3. До того как компания впервые появилась на рынке, ей предлагали инвестиции (investments).
  4. Вам заплатили за эту работу?
  5. Нам никто не обещал поддержку.
  6. Ей завтра отправят электронное письмо.
  7. Когда нам дадут отчет по этому эксперименту?
  8. Ему так и не сказали правду.
  9. Нельзя ли нам предложить кофе? (could)
  10. Нам покажут фильм до того как начнутся занятия.

Постройте предложения, поменяв Активный залог на Старадательный.
Make the following sentences Passive.

1.My granny usually writes us letters every week.

2.He sold us the DVD recorder very cheap.

3.My parents had bought me a scooter before I finished school.

4.Our great-grandfather sings us songs of war.

5.We can’t sell this TV set- there are a lot of new models on the market.

6.I will have dictated our homework to you before my sister comes.

7.The doorkeeper repeated the keyword to us.

8.She has described to her colleagues the recent years of her life.

9.We introduced our new groupmate to the teacher of English.

10.He has mentioned it to me three times – as if thinking I don’t comprehend.

11.The Parliament members have declared the resolution.

12.The former president pointed it out, that he intended to take part in the coming elections. __________________________________________________________

  1. My younger brother proved the theorem to us easily.

14.What did you present him with for the birthday?

15.The agency cannot deliver this top-secret about their client information to the police.

Постройте предложения, поменяв Активный залог на Старадательный.
Make the following sentences Passive.

1.They asked me a lot of questions at the interview.
2.Can you forgive him?
3.Her colleagues have always envied her the energy she has.
4.My mom will have taught me cooking before they go abroad.
5.My grandparents asked me where I had been.
6.My parents will forgive my younger sister the broken vase.
7.Did your tutor teach you that?
8.I’ve never envied anybody.

Напишите предложения в Страдательном залоге. Используйте модальные глаголы must, should, can
Write the sentences in the Passive.Use modal verbs – must, should, can.

  1. The child is unwell. (he/ to take care of)
  2. 2. The sick man is getting worse. (The doctor / to send for)
  3. This lady looks suspicious. (she/ to pay attention to)
  4. The old man is talking sense. (he/ listen to)
  5. I trust my friend completely. (she/ count on)
  6. I like the draft contract. (it/ to agree to)
  7. The boy doesn’t obey his parents. (the discipline /to insist on)
  8. The event is worth mentioning in the newspaper. (it/ to write about)
  9. The conditions of living in this part of the are not perfect but (they / to put up with).

10.They seem to be very busy arguing. (the talk/ not to interfere with)

Постройте предложения, поменяв Активный залог на Старадательный.
Make the following sentences Passive.

  1. When my younger brother entered the office, nobody took notice of him.
  2. Will the doctors look after her properly in this elite hospital?
  3. My family members have been talking about this report for hours.
  4. I’ll have a look at the report while you are commenting on it.
  5. These experts always find fault with laboratory assistances.
  6. My elder brother has two kids. He has always provided for his family himself.

7.We had been looking at the ship sailing away until we lost sight of it.

  1. Who will deal with it after whet has happened?
  2. I can’t even imagine how we can make use of this information.
  3. What were they looking for under the table?

Заполните пропуски конструкциями Страдательного залога. Обратите внимание на время глагола указанное в скобках.
Fill in the correct form of the passive into the gap.


Peter __________ a letter. (to write - Simple Present) A letter is written by Peter

  1. The story ………………………..by the teacher today. (to tell – Present Simple) 2. We ………………………….a letter the day before yesterday. (to send - Past Simple) 3. This car………………………... It's too old.(not/to steal - will-future)
  2. This street ……………………………….because of snow. (already/to close - Present Perfect)
  3. A new restaurant ………………………….next week. (to open - will-Future)
  4. He ………………………………to the party yesterday. (to invite - Past Simple)
  5. The blue box …………………………by anyone. (can/not/to open - Present Simple)
  6. I ………………………..the book by my friend today. (to give - Present Simple)

Проверьте свое знание времен глагола (Активный и Страдательный Залоги).
Test your knowledge on grammar – English tenses (active and passive voice).


Hadrian's Wall

  1. In the year 122 AD, the Roman Emperor Hadrian (visit) ______________ his provinces in Britain.
  2. On his visit, the Roman soldiers (tell) _____________________him that Pictish tribes from Britain's north (attack) _____________________them.
  3. So Hadrian (give) _____________________the order to build a protective wall across one of the narrowest parts of the country.
  4. After 6 years of hard work, the Wall (finish) _________________________in 128.
  5. It (be) _________________117 kilometres long and about 4 metres high.
  6. The Wall (guard) __________________by 15,000 Roman soldiers.
  7. Every 8 kilometres there (be) ____________________a large fort in which up to 1,000 soldiers (find) _______________________shelter.
  8. The soldiers (watch) ____________________over the frontier to the north and (check) ________________________the people who (want) ___________________to enter or leave Roman Britain.
  9. In order to pass through the Wall, people (must go) __________________to one of the small forts that (serve) _____________________________as gateways.
  10. Those forts (call) _____________________milecastles because the distance from one fort to another (be) ________________one Roman mile (about 1,500 metres).
  11. Between the milecastles there (be) __________________two turrets from which the soldiers (guard) _______________________the Wall.
  12. If the Wall (attack) _______________________by enemies, the soldiers at the turrets (run) ___________________to the nearest milecastle for help or (light) __________________a fire that (can / see) _____________________by the soldiers in the milecastle.
  13. In 383 Hadrian's Wall (abandon)___________________________.
  14. Today Hadrian's Wall (be) _____________________________the most popular tourist attraction in northern England.
  15. In 1987, it (become) _____________________a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice). You must use either Present Simple or Past Simple.

  1. The Statue of Liberty (give) ___________________to the United States by France.
  2. It (be) _______________________a present on the 100th anniversary of the United States.
  3. The Statue of Liberty (design) ________________by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.
  4. It (complete) _________________________in France in July 1884.
  5. In 350 pieces, the statue then (ship) _____________________to New York, where it (arrive) _____________________________on 17 June 1885.
  6. The pieces (put) _________________________together and the opening ceremony (take) ___________________________place on 28 October 1886.
  7. The Statue of Liberty (be) ______________________46 m high (93 m including the base).
  8. The statue (represent) __________________________the goddess of liberty.
  9. She (hold) ____________________________a torch in her right hand and a tablet in her left hand.
  10. On the table you (see / can) ________________________the date of the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776).
  11. Every year, the Statue of Liberty (visit) ________________________by many people from all over the world.

 Измените следующие предложения, используя Страдательный залог.
Change the sentences below to the Passive voice.

  1. Children cannot open these bottles easily. 
  2. The government built a road right outside her front door. 
  3. Mr. Ross broke the antique vase as he walked through the store. 
  4. When she arrived, the changes amazed her. 
  5. The construction workers are making street repairs all month long. 
  6. The party will celebrate his retirement. 
  7. His professors were discussing his oral exam right in front of him. 
  8. My son ate all the homemade cookies. 
  9. Corrosion had damaged the hull of the ship. 
  10. Some children were visiting the old castle while other tourists were there. 


Измените следующие предложения, используя Активный залог.
Change the sentences below to the Active voice.

  1. The statue is being visited by hundreds of tourists every year.
  2. My books were stolen by someone yesterday.
  3. These books had been left in the classroom by a careless student.
  4. Coffee is raised in many parts of Hawaii by plantation workers.
  5. The house had been broken into by someone while the owners were on vacation.
  6. A woman was being carried downstairs by a very strong firefighter.
  7. The streets around the fire had been blocked off by the police.
  8. Have you seen the new movie that was directed by Ron Howard?
  9. My car is in the garage being fixed by a dubious mechanic.
  10. A great deal of our oil will have been exported to other countries by our government.


  1. The test was taken by Amanda last week.


  1. The truck was broken by little Tommy while he played.


  1. The National Enquirer was sued by a famous actor for publishing a scandalous photo.


  1. The movie was seen by the class before the exam.


Заполните пропуски (Страдательный и Активный залог). 
Complete the sentences (Active or Passive Voice).

English ________________(speak) by many people of the world. They _______________(speak) English to each other to communicate easily. When the earthquake ______________________(occur) in the metropolis, many buildings____________________(destroy). The telephone _________________________(invent) by Alexander Graham Bell. America _________________________(discover) by Columbus, but he _____________________(think) that the continent was India. Ferarris _______________________ (manufacture) in Italy. That movie has terrible violence in it, so it must not ______________________(show) to people under 18 years of age. Today's newspaper has a shocking headline, so it may ____________________________ (sell) very well. The bride ________________________ (kiss) by the groom, and she ______________________ (smile) happily. I ________________________(drive) over the speed limit last night. The accident _________________________ (happen) because of my speeding.


Выбери правильный вариант:

  1. I hope that the truth ___ very soon.
  2. A) will find out 
    B) will be finding out
    C) is found out 
    D) will be found out
    E) shall find out
  3. The sports competitions which ___ on Sunday ___ by a lot of people.
  4. A) are held / will be visited
    B) was held / will visit
    C) will held / will visit
    D) have been held / have visited
    E) will be held / will be visited
  5. The business letter ___ just ___ .
  6. A) is / written 
    B) has / been written
    C) was / written 
    D) were / written
    E) is / going to write
  7. All the business letters ___ yesterday. They ___ to the post office immediately.
  8. A) answered / take
    B) were answered / took
    C) are answered / were taken
    D) answered / took
    E) were answered / were taken
  9. I ___ that I ___ at the station at 5.
  10. A) was told / should be met 
    B) told / is being met
    C) tells / am met 
    D) am told / was met
    E) will be told / would be met
  11. By the time we came to the bookshop all books ___
  12. A) are sold 
    B) were sold
    C) had been sold 
    D) are being sold
    E) is being sold
  13. New schools ___ in our city every year.
  14. A) is built 
    B) are to be built
    C) will build 
    D) are built
    E) have built
  15. This year a very beautiful theatre ___ in our city.
  16. A) built 
    B) was built
    C) has been built 
    D) had been built
    E) has built
  17. This school ___ next year.
  18. A) will close 
    B) is closed
    C) will be closed 
    D) was closed
    E) would be closed
  19. It is winter. Everything ___ with snow.
  20. A) is covered 
    B) covered
    C) were covered 
    D) will cover
    E) are covered

Переведите на английский в страдательном залоге.

  1. Работа и завтра не будет закончена.
  2. Говорят, что она — первоклассный учитель
  3. Доказано на сегодня, что эта теория неверна.
  4. Почему не была машина ни заперта, ни поставлена в гараж?
  5. Долго считалось, что земля плоская.
  6. Радио больше всего слушают в машине.
  7. Позднее будут подаваться прохладительные напитки.
  8. Премьер-министр получил тёплый приём.
  9. Меня никогда не принимали за англичанина, хотя один раз со мной говорили, как если бы я был американцем.
  10. Ребёнка кормили 5 раз в день. 


  1. The work will not be finished tomorrow either.
  2. She is said to be a first-class teacher.
  3. This theory has now been proved wrong.
  4. Why wasn't the car either locked or put in the garage?
  5. For a long time the Earth was believed to be flat.
  6. The radio is mostly listened to in cars.
  7. Refreshments will be served later.
  8. The Prime Minister was given a warm reception.
  9. I have never been taken for an Englishman, though once I was spoken to as if I were American.
  10. The baby was fed five times a day.